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v1.4.0 Release Notes

See the release and closed tickets on the v1.4.0 milestone on Github.

Required changes to existing data:

  • Every ontology must now have the property knora-base:attachedToProject, which points to the IRI of the project that is responsible for the ontology. This must be added to each project-specific ontology in existing repositories. All built-in ontologies have been updated to have this property, and must therefore be reloaded into existing repositories.
    The property knora-base:projectOntology has been removed, and must be removed from project definitions in existing repositories.

  • Every project now needs to have the property knora-base:projectShortcode set.

New features:

  • Added OpenAPI / Swagger API documentation route
  • Knora now checks the validity of ontologies on startup.
  • The property knora-base:projectShortcode is now a required property (was optional).


  • API v1 extended search was not properly handling multiple conditions on list values (issue #800)
  • Fix image orientation in SALSAH 1 (issue #726)