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v1.6.0 Release Notes

See the release and closed tickets on the v1.6.0 milestone on Github.

Required changes to existing data:

  • A project is now required to have at least one description, so potentially a description will need to be added to those projects that don't have one.

New features:


  • Added a /health endpoint
  • KnoraService waits on startup for a triplestore before trying to load the ontologies

Gravsearch enhancements:

  • Accept queries in POST requests (@github#650).
  • Allow a Gravsearch query to specify the IRI of the main resource (@github#871) (by allowing BIND).
  • Allow lang to be used with !=.
  • A UNION or OPTIONAL can now be nested in an OPTIONAL (@github#882).
  • Gravsearch now does type inference (@github#884).
  • The Knora API v2 complex schema can now be used in Gravsearch, making it possible to search for list nodes (@github#899).

Admin API:

  • Make project description required (@github#875).

Conversion to TEI:

  • Conversion of standard standoff entities to TEI
  • Custom conversion of project specific standoff entities and metadata to TEI

Sipi integration:

  • The Knora specific Sipi configuration and scripts can now be found under the sipi/ directory (@github#404).
  • Documentation on how Sipi can be started changed (@github#404).


  • Allow a class or property definition to have more than one object for rdf:type (@github#885).
  • Exclude list values from v2 fulltext search (@github#906).

Gravsearch fixes:

  • Allow the lang function to be used in a comparison inside AND/OR (@github#846).
  • Fix the processing of resources with multiple incoming links that use the same property (@github#878).
  • Fix the parsing of a FILTER inside an OPTIONAL (@github#879).
  • Require the match function to be the top-level expression in a FILTER.