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Data Formats in Knora

As explained in What Is Knora?, Knora stores data in a small number of formats that are suitable for long-term preservation while facilitating data reuse.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of data formats and how their content can be stored and managed by Knora:

Original Format Format in Knora
Text (XML, LaTeX, Microsoft Word, etc.) Knora resources (RDF) containing Standoff/RDF
Tabular data, including relational databases Knora resources
Data in tree or graph structures Knora resources
Images (JPEG, PNG, etc.) JPEG 2000 files stored by Sipi
Audio and video files Audio and video files stored by Sipi (in archival formats to be determined)
PDF Can be stored by Sipi, but data reuse is improved by extracting the text for storage as Standoff/RDF