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Running the automated tests

In order to run the tests, the Selenium driver for Chrome has to be installed.

It is architecture-dependent, so go to the salsah1/lib/chromedriver directory and unzip the distribution that matches your architecture, or download it from here and install it in this directory.

Then, launch the services as described above; the triple store with the test data, the Knora server with reStart -r (allowReloadOverHTTP-flag) from SBT (from KNORA_PROJECT_DIRECTORY/webapi), Sipi with the test configuration (--config=config/sipi.knora-docker-test-config.lua) and SALSAH 1 where you can run the tests in the same SBT session:

$ sbt
> salsah1 / compile
> salsah1 / reStart
> salsah1 / test

Note: please be patient as SALSAH 1 can take up to one minute (end of a time-out) before reporting some errors.