v1.1.0 Release Notes

See the release on Github.

Required changes to existing data:

1. Project ontologies property changed:

The knora-base:projectOntologyGraph needs to be renamed to knora-base:projectOntology. Also before it was a xsd:string, where now it needs to be an IRI. The graph where the ontology is stored will need to have the same name.

2. Project data graph property removed:

The property knora-base:projectDataGraph needs to be removed.

2. Project shortcode property added:

The knora-base:projectShortcode property was added. When adding a project shortcode, we also need to update:

  1. the IRI of the project to: http://rdfh.ch/projects/[shortcode]
  2. the IRIs all project ontologies to: http://www.knora.org/ontology/[shortcode]/[ontoname]
  3. the IRIs of lists to: http://rdfh.ch/lists/[shortcode]/[UUID]
  4. the IRIs of groups to: http://rdfh.ch/groups/[shortcode]/[UUID]

New features: