v5.x.x Release Notes


  • MAJOR: Fix property names for incoming links (#1144)
  • MAJOR: Generate and resolve ARK URLs for resources (#1161). Projects that have resource IRIs that do not conform to the format specified in https://docs.knora.org/paradox/03-apis/api-v2/knora-iris.html#iris-for-data must update them.
  • MAJOR: Use project shortcode in IIIF URLs (#1191). If you have file value IRIs containing the substring /reps/, you must replace /reps/ with /values/.
  • FEATURE: Update resource metadata in API v2 (#1131)

  • FEATURE: Allow setting resource creation date in bulk import (#1151)
  • FEATURE: The v2/authentication route now also initiates cookie creation (the same as v1/authentication) (#1159)
  • FEATURE: Allow to specify restricted view settings for a project which Sipi will adhere to (#690).
  • FIX: Triplestore connection error when using dockerComposeUp (#1122)

  • FIX: Reject link value properties in Gravsearch queries in the simple schema (#1145)
  • FIX: Fix error-checking when updating cardinalities in ontology API (#1142)
  • FIX: Allow hasRepresentation in an ontology used in a bulk import (#1171)
  • FIX: Set cookie domain to the value specified in application.conf with the setting cookie-domain (#1169)
  • FIX: Fix processing of shared property in bulk import (#1182)