Resource Permalinks

Knora provides a permanent, citable URL for each resource. These URLs use Archival Resource Key (ARK) Identifiers, and are designed to stay the same even if the resource itself is moved from one Knora repository to another.

Obtaining ARK URLs

A resource is always returned with two ARK URLs: one that will always refer to the latest version of the resource (knora-api:arkUrl), and one that refers specifically to the version being returned (knora-api:versionArkUrl). For example:

  "@id" : "",
  "@type" : "incunabula:book",
  "knora-api:arkUrl" : {
    "@type" : "xsd:anyURI",
    "@value" : ""
  "knora-api:versionArkUrl" : {
    "@type" : "xsd:anyURI",
    "@value" : ""
  "knora-api:attachedToProject" : {
    "@id" : ""
  "knora-api:attachedToUser" : {
    "@id" : ""
  "knora-api:creationDate" : {
    "@type" : "xsd:dateTimeStamp",
    "@value" : "2016-03-02T15:05:21Z"
  "knora-api:hasPermissions" : "CR knora-base:Creator|M knora-base:ProjectMember|V knora-base:KnownUser",
  "rdfs:label" : "Reise ins Heilige Land",
  "@context" : {
    "rdf" : "",
    "knora-api" : "",
    "rdfs" : "",
    "incunabula" : "",
    "xsd" : ""

For more information on getting past versions of resources, see Get a Full Representation of a Version of a Resource by IRI and Get the Version History of a Resource.

Resolving Knora ARK URLs

A Knora ARK URL is intended to be resolved by the Knora ARK resolver.

Knora ARK URL Format

The format of a Knora ARK URL is as follows:


For details, see Archival Resource Key (ARK) Identifiers.

For example, given the Knora resource IRI, and using the DaSCH’s ARK resolver hostname and NAAN, the corresponding ARK URL without a timestamp is:

The same ARK URL with an optional timestamp is:

Without a timestamp, a Knora ARK URL refers to the latest version of the resource at the time when the URL is resolved. Knora currently returns only ARK URLs without timestamps, because querying past versions of resources is not yet implemented (#1115). When it is implemented, Knora will also return ARK URLs with timestamps.