Starting GraphDB

GraphDB SE

Inside the Knora git repository, there is a folder called /triplestores/graphdb-se containing the latest supported version of the GraphDB-SE distribution archive.

Running Locally

Unzip to a place of your choosing and run the following:

$ cd /to/unziped/location
$ ./bin/graphdb -Dgraphdb.license.file=/path/to/GRAPHDB_SE.license

Running inside Docker

Important Steps

To be able to successfully run GraphDB inside docker two important steps need to be done beforhand:

  1. Install Docker from
  2. Copy the GraphDB-SE license file into a folder of you choosing and name it GRAPHDB_SE.license. We will mount this folder into the docker container, so that the license can be used by GraphDB running inside the container.


$ docker run --rm -it -v /path/to/license/folder:/external -p 7200:7200 dhlabbasel/graphdb
  • --rm removes the container as soon as you stop it
  • -p forwards the exposed port to your host (or if you use boot2docker to this IP)
  • -it allows interactive mode, so you see if something gets deployed

After the GraphDB inside the docker container has started, you can find the GraphDB workbench here: http://localhost:7200

Above, we create and start a transient container (--rm flag). To create a container that we can stop and start again at a later time, follow the following steps:

$ docker run --name graphdb -d -t -v /path/to/license/folder:/external -p 7200:7200 dhlabbasel/graphdb

(to see the console output, attach to the container; to detach press Ctrl-c)
$ docker attach graphdb

(to stop the container)
$ docker stop graphdb

(to start the container again)
$ docker start graphdb

(to remove the container; needs to be stopped)
$ docker rm graphdb
  • --name give the container a name
  • -d run container in background and print container ID
  • -t allocate a pseudo TTY, so you see the console output
  • -p forwards the exposed port to your host

GraphDB Free

You can run GraphDB Free locally as described for GraphDB SE above, or you can use Knora’s pre-built GraphDB Free Docker image:

$ docker run --rm -p 7200:7200 dhlabbasel/graphdb-free